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Tokyo 102-0075, JAPAN


SHOFU Most Excellent Poster Award

Khongorzul Ganbold (Tokyo Medical and Dental University)
“Relevance of Pulpal Blood Flow and Root Development of Young Permanent Teeth Measured by Transmitted Light Plethysmography (TLP)”

SHOFU Excellent Poster Award of Dental Material Research

Hirokazu Toshima(Health Sciences University of Hokkaido)
“Inhibition of Tooth Demineralization by Buffering Effect of Coating Material containing S-PRG Filler”

SHOFU Excellent Poster Award

Haney Lee (Chonbuk National University, School of Dentistry, Department of Pediatric Dentistry)
“Management of Regional Odontodysplasia: A Case Report”
Sachi Gotoh (Tokyo Medical and Dental University)
“A Case of Hyper-IgE Syndrome, Dental Treatment and Histologic Examinations of a Deciduous Tooth”
Liming Jiang (China Medical University)
“Clinical and Histologic Analysis of Dens Invaginatus Type III in an Immature Permanent Incisor with Apical Periodontitis by Cone-beam Computed Tomography and Hard Tissue Slicing Techniques”
  • Sponsored by SHOFU Inc.

Morita Young Dentist Award

Amrita Widyagarini (Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry, Universitas Indonesia)
“Serotypes Variance of Mutans Streptococci and Caries Status in Child-Mother Pairs in Jakarta, Indonesia”
Saeko Kinoshita (Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Tsurumi University School of Dental Medicine)
“Interaction of Enamel Proteins and TGF-β1 in Porcine Enamel”
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May 26 (Thur.), 2016

9:30-15:00Pre-congress Seminar*

Chiwaki Hall
Tokyo Dental College
“Dental Traumatology for Children & Adolescents”
Seikou Shintani (Japan)
Mitsuhiro Tsukiboshi (Japan)
(11:30-13:00 Lunch Time Break)
*Registration time has been changed to 9:00.

May 27 (Fri.), 2016

9:00-9:30Opening Ceremony

Hall 1

9:30-11:30Symposium for Dental Hygienist

Hall 1
“Multidisciplinary approach for eating and swallowing disorders”
Kazuhiro shimamura (Japan)
Shouji Hironaka (Japan)

9:30-10:30Lecture 1

Hall 2
Guangtai Song (China)
Xiaojing Wang (China)
“Contemporary pediatric dentistry in China: history, development and its future”

10:30-11:30Lecture 2

Hall 2
Masashi Yakushiji (Japan)
Tatsuya Ichinohe (Japan)
“Assurance of Clinical Safety in Pediatric Dental Practices”

13:00-15:00ICDAS Symposium

Hall 1
“ICDAS and ICCMSTM: Its implementation into clinical practice, public health and dental curriculum”
Seiichi Sugiyama (Japan)
Kenji Arita (Japan)
Seiichi Sugiyama (Japan)
“Caries management with ICDAS in a Japanese private dental office”
Keiko Takagi (Japan)
“Merits and Limitations of ICDAS at Japanese public dental center for patients with disabilities”
Chew Hooi Pin (Malaysia)
“Implementation of ICDAS and Its Way Forward in the Dental Curriculum in Malaysia”

13:00-15:00Symposium: Basic Research

Hall 2
“Genetic disorder and Tooth development”
Satoshi Fukumoto (Japan)
Tsutomu Iwamoto (Japan)
Nik Kantaputra (Thailand)
“Orofacial Clefting and Dental Anomalies”
Atsushi Ohazama (Japan)
“The genetic basis of disorders in the tooth development”
Masaki Ishikawa (Japan)
“Cellular communication regulates hard tissue development. "Pannexin 3, a new member of gap junction protein family modulates skeletal development via distinct functions from Connexin 43"”

15:30-17:00Co-sponsored Seminer

Hall 1
Norbert Krämer
“Micro-invasive treatment of fissures to prevent caries”
Satoshi Imazato
“Caries management and prevention by “bio-active” restorative/coating materials with antibacterial effects”

15:30-17:30IAPD Lectures

Hall 2
Sadahiro Yoshida (Japan)
Annna Maria Vierrou (Greece)
Bernadette K. Drummond (New Zealand)
“What Do We Know About Molar Incisor Hypomineralisation”
Masato Saitoh (Japan)
“Prevalence rates and Etiological Factors of Molar Incisor Hypomineralization”
Yasmi O. Crystal (USA)
“Caries Management by Risk Assessment (CAMBRA) in Pediatric Dentistry”
Anthony Tzong-Ping Tsai (Taiwan)
“Join IAPD, the Global Voice for Child Oral Health”
Jose Hassi
“Promotion of IAPD 2017”

19:00-21:00Congress Dinner*

Hall 1

May 28 (Sat.), 2016

8:30-10:30Symposium: Clinical Research

Hall 1
“Child health and development through the oral function and feature”
Youichi Yamasaki (Japan)
Ryuzo Kanomi (Japan)
Shinichi Arita (Japan)
“Early Orthodontic Intervention for Primary Dentition Stage”
Ryuzo Kanomi (Japan)
“The need for orthognathic intervention prior to orthodontic correction”
Kitae Park (Korea)
“Profile evaluation - A key factor in early orthodontic treatment planning”
Norihito Ishitani (Japan)
“Early orthodontic intervention for comprehensive and continual oral management of growing patients”

10:30-11:00Lion Award Lecture

Hall 1
Hiroyuki Karibe (Japan)
Tomomi Kawakami (Japan)
“Antineoplastic drug-induced morphological changes in the dental root development of young mice”

11:00-12:00KAPD Invited Lecture

Hall 1
Masao Ozaki (Japan)
Ki-Taeg Jang (Korea)
“Management of impacted maxillary canines”

14:30-16:30Country Reports from outside of PDAA-Kizuna(絆) symposium

Hall 1
Anthony Tzong-Ping Tsai (Taiwan)
Taku Fujiwara (Japan)
Sumita Upadhyay (Nepal)
Sun Sun Win (Mynmar)
“Oral Health Status of Children in Myanmar”
Ivonia Alves Ribeiro (East Timor)
“Oral Health Conditions in Timor-Leste”
Phan Ai Hung (Vietnam)
“Responses of children to two novel local anesthetic infiltration techniques: buccal technique versus palatal technique”
Salote Tu'ihalamaka (Tonga)

16:30-Closing Ceremony

* Pre-congress Seminar and Congress Dinner are not included in the Registration Fee.